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Mrs. Amber Myers

Welcome Back to the school year!  I am looking forward to being your TES Science and Math Teacher. We will use Google Classroom for class materials and lessons. Please utilize the links and codes listed on the right to access your courses.
22-23 Back to School Night

Cats’ Code:

Come prepared to class with all materials, including homework, charged Chromebook, binder, unit packet, pencil, agenda and calculator.

Follow directions of all adults.

Be an active learner. Participation in lessons and discussions is expected.

Be respectful of your surroundings, yourself and others.

Arrive to class and be in your seat by the start of class.

At the end of class, wait until Mrs. Myers dismisses you before packing up your things.

Raise your hand to get Mrs. Myers’ attention or when answering a question in class.

Ask permission before leaving the classroom and sign out through E-HallPass.




Assignments may include, but are not limited to: Quizzes/Tests, Projects, Labs, Presentations, Activities, In-Class Assignments, Classwork Preparedness / Participation, Homework.

Grades can be checked at any time on the Sapphire online grading system.

At times, opportunities for extra credit points may be offered. However, all regular class assignments must be completed before a student is eligible to earn extra credit.

 If at any time you have questions about your grade, please ask!



Assignments and Resources:

Due dates and test dates will be announced and posted daily.

Students must record assignments and important dates in their agenda book daily.

Google Classroom and MASD Gmail will be used for communication and to post online lessons, assignments, websites, and class resources. Please check your Gmail and Google Classroom daily.



Work Completion:

All assignments must be turned in on time to earn full credit.

Assignments/assessments missed due to an excused absence must be made up in a timely manner to earn full credit.

 If you are absent, it is your responsibility to touch base with me about what you missed.

Assignments not completed according to directions may be returned to the student and marked as “incomplete.” Students may revise incomplete work and resubmit it for a grade. Incomplete assignments will be graded as 0% until they are resubmitted, at which point they will be re-graded.

Late work may be accepted at Mrs. Myers’ discretion, with points deducted for lateness. Assignments that are not turned in will earn 0%. If assignments are neglected, additional consequences may be issued.

 Academic Dishonesty will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Cheating, copying and/or plagiarism of any form will result in failure of the assignment, disciplinary referral and parental/guardian contact.



6th Grade Math Course Content
This course is 6th Grade Math and will cover the following units: Rational Numbers; Proportionality - Ratios and Rates; Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities; Geometry; Measurement and Data.
6th Grade Science Content

This course is Earth Science and will cover the following units: Earth’s systems; History of the Earth; Weather and Climate; Space Systems.

7th Grade Math Course Content

This course is 7th Grade Math and will cover the following units: Rational Numbers; Algebraic Concepts; Geometry; Proportional Relationships; Applications of Percents; Data, Statistics, and Probability.

7th Grade Science Content

This course is 7th Grade Science and will cover the following units: Structures & Processes; Inheritance & Variation of Traits; Biological Evolution: Unity & Diversity; Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy & Dynamics.

8th Grade Math Course Content

This course is 8th Grade Math and will cover the following units: Numbers and Operations; Equations; Graphing and Functions; Linear Systems; Data Analysis; Geometry.

8th Grade Science Content

This course is Physical Science and will cover the following units: Structure and Properties of Matter; Chemical Reactions; Forces and Interactions; Energy; Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Welcome to small group Math and Science!
Here, you will find a variety of resources, including our Google classroom links and codes. If you experience any issues with them, please let me know!!
8th Grade Google Classroom
*If you need me, please feel free to e-mail me any time!