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Welcome Back

Welcome Back to the school year!  I am looking forward to being your 7th grade reading teacher in room 12.  If you have an independent reading/free choice reading book, feel free to bring it next week.  You will need to have a free choice reading book with you at all times. If you do not have a book, no worries, we will get you in the library as soon as we can!   I look forward to meeting all of you.  We will use Google Classroom for class materials and lessons, so please go to that site from this point out.  *Class codes will be given to you the first week of school.
Class Updates: All student material will be posted in Google Classroom - classroom codes will be provided to you the first week of school.

April 3rd Class Update

Mrs. Beardsley Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00-11:30
I will also check my email at other times, but I will always be available during my office hours as you need me.   EMAIL CONTACTS:
Class Updates: All student material will be posted in Google Classroom

March 17, 2020 Update

Please follow updates on my google classroom page.  I will only post activities to enrich engagement for the next two weeks.  As a class, we started to discuss a writing prompt on The Compound.  Please put that on hold for now.  I would rather you spend time reading from your SSR books, reading to a sibling, or reading interesting articles from the internet. I will add resources weekly for your engagement.   Thanks so much!

Welcome to 7th Grade Reading

Welcome to 7th Grade Reading
  • In 7th grade reading, we continue to read from a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. The focus in 7th grade is to give students the skills to attack, analyze, and connect to any type of written text.
  • Specific Standards of Study: Reading Strategies, Author’s Purpose, Point of View, Bias and Propaganda, Literary Genres, Text to Text Comparisons, Close Reading through different lenses.
  • We continue to offer the 40 Book Challenge as a way to get kids excited about reading~ Challenge your child to participate in this activity!
  • Students who have a foreign language class will only receive reading for 90 days this year.  Keep this in mind when looking at grades.
  • Students must come to reading on a daily basis with a SSR (sustained silent reading book).  Students who come unprepared will lose preparation points.  We read for the first 10 minutes of reading class and the first 10 minutes of all period 9 classes (except chorus, band, orchestra).     Class Motto:  Reading Lasts a Lifetime

Sleep Log

Students are going to be logging their sleep for an upcoming unit on Sleep and the Teenage Brain.  The sleep log will assist the students in determining if they are getting enough sleep or need to add an extra hour or two of zzzs per night.  

Text Structure Quiz

We've spent the last two weeks discussing the 5 main types of structures of text.  Next, students will be expected to show what they know in a text structure quiz.  Students will have the quiz Monday or Tuesday (dependent on every other day cycle).  They created a study guide t-chart in school that will help review for this assessment.

SSR Challenges

As we move into our deep reading analysis of complex text, students are asked to zoom into their sustained silent reading books to find examples of how author's craft their work.  Specific challenges each week will give students time to search for examples of similes, metaphors, personification, and the tone and mood of the text.  Each task will require the student to a.) quote/cite the specific example and then b.) analyze why the author crafted his words in a way to include the specific device.  Total points by the end = 50  (10 points each week).


Reading homework throughout the year is to pick 5 nights to read for 20 minutes.  Please continue to model independent reading with your children.  Take the opportunity to pay attention to what your child is reading, take trips to the library together, and stop in the local book stores to look for popular Young Adult novels.  

Welcome Parents and Students

I am just starting to get use to our new website!  Please be patient with me as I adjust to the new system.