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Please watch the video above to meet the teachers of the middle school Technology Education department and to learn about what your child will be learning.
Questions about Technology Education?
Use the link to our interactive Padlet:
Welcome to Technology Education!

In 6th grade students begin their Tech Ed journey by learning about the different types of technology and how society's wants and needs drive the development of new inventions and innovations. They then learn the process to develop solutions to problems using the Engineering Design Process (EDP). Student then dive into learning about communication and information technologies through the fields of photography and videography.

In 7th grade students review how to developing problem solving and critical thinking skills using the Engineering Design Process. This year they will continue to dive deeper into design and problem solving by exploring the areas structural engineering, electricity/electronics, and Computer-Aided Drawing and Design (CADD). 
To end the middle school Tech Ed experience, 8th grade students explore various manufacturing technologies through project-based learning in the woods lab. Students then use the skills they have accumulated over the past 2 years to assist them in our new robotics unit. They will use the Engineering Design Process to help them create the parts to their robot using CADD software to 3D printers or by using the tools in the woods lab. 

In this class students will have the opportunity to design their own solutions to problems and use mistakes as learning opportunities. As the painter Bob Ross said, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." Students are encouraged to ask questions, challenge ideas, collaborate with peers, troubleshoot, and have fun thinking outside of the box!