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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Updates

September 24, 2020
Back to School Night
Back to School
Clink on the link below to see my Back to School Message.
September 9, 2020
Hello all and welcome back to school! By now your students have experienced at least one or two days of school in the face to face model and at least one day of remote. Remember - we have to be flexible as we are not going to get some things right...but we will get there! Be patient. It will be alright.
Just a few updates to share:
#1. For the middle school students - my classroom there is quite chilly. I am recommending that you have them bring  a jacket or sweatshirt that they can keep in the room. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a room that is a tad cold. The interpreters and I all keep sweaters on hand.
#2. For the 6th grade students - they have been given a laptop and login information. That information is kept in their agenda and will be able to access both Sapphire and their Google Classrooms. It is vital that the laptops are charged nightly so that they are ready to be used once they get to school. 
#3. I wanted to thank everyone for their quick and timely response to schedule the annual IEP meetings. I do this at the beginning of the year to secure all the people necessary for attending the meeting. A Zoom invitation will be sent out 3 days prior to the meeting. Additionally you will get a draft of the IEP/RR 3 days prior so that we can maximize our 30 minutes and get down to business. Let me know if you have questions.
August 25, 2020
Hello Families. As you know - the first day of school is fast approaching. You should have already received information from both Dr. Leidy and building principals. The middle school and the high school will be running a hybrid model while the elementary buildings are running a 4-day week. If your child is coming to school for 4 days - you will be hearing from me via email, a letter home, or a phone call. Please know that I am going to be using this page to keep you apprised of any changes in schedule. 
For 6th grade students, here is a link to the materials list that students will need this year.
The two 6th grade students are on the Explorers Team and the the two 8th graders are on the Pathfinders team. Each team will have their own page once school is up and running. Details about the team pages will be coming home to you via your child.
Students at the high school are following the hybrid model with 2 days face-to-face and 3 days remote. At present, my related services to them will begin in a remote model. This is not carved in stone but subject to change. Let me say that again - it is not a hard remote. I will be in touch with teachers and with you to keep you apprised of any changes with this learning model should we need to make any changes. This will be closely monitored.
I have updated my Resource Page with current information from the National Deaf Center and PaTTAN regarding virtual teaching with DHH students, masks, and other Covid related information. 
Please check my office hours page as that has been updated too. If you need to meet with me - my contact information is on my page right below my picture
Reach out if you need help. The more we can be flexible, patient, and supportive, the easier it will be for everyone.