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Mechanicsburg Middle School

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Mr. Natale's Western Heritage Class

ATTENTION: Due to coronavirus shutdown, academic enrichment activities will be posted to Google Classroom by this Friday the 20th. Please check google classroom for enrichment opportunities then and the following Wednesday.
Welcome to Mr. Natale's Western Heritage and Design for Change Classes Page.
Please check Google Classroom for assignments and project information.

Tutoring:  If you are having problems, please come see me before you fall behind!  I am always happy to sit down and work out any problems!  I am available before school and during several WIN periods.


Questions:  Please feel free to contact me by e-mail ( or by calling the school at 691-4560 x7024.


Follow our class on twitter: @Anatalembgsd

Follow our team: @Trailblazersmms

Follow our district: #masdproud


Period 1 -

class code - mxgq7tm

Period 2 -

class code - rce3nqv

Period 3 -

class code - sfgxt55

Period 4 -

class code - yydrcel

Period 5 -

class code - ajla7ax

Design for Change -

class code - vljsyrs