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Career Exploration Center » Just Got Your 1st Job? Help with Working Papers

Just Got Your 1st Job? Help with Working Papers

Congratulations on getting that first job! Now the fun begins...Because your education should be your primary focus and career, there are laws in place that protect students, in certain age brackets, from working too many hours or in certain occupations doing certain types of work. The criteria has been established by the Commonwealth of PA and the Department of Education. It is a requirement that you complete the following forms:
  • Application for Employment Certificate (PDE-4565) - can be obtained at the High School Guidance Office or the Main Office of the Middle School
    • NOTE: You must bring evidence of your age with you when obtaining this form - a Birth Certificate, Passport, or Baptismal Certificate are the most common forms used.  
  • Employment Certificate (PDE-4502) - this form goes to your employer and they must complete and return a portion of it to your school