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Career Day

Mechanicsburg Middle School

Annual Career Day Event

Career Exploration for the Young Adolescent

Building Futures, One Step at a Time


Career Day at Mechanicsburg Middle School 

What’s it all about??

  • For over 30 years the Mechanicsburg Middle School has been meeting the needs of the young adolescent in the area of career exploration.
  • Our annual Career Day is a one-day event designed to provide each middle level student with opportunities for career interest exploration.
  • This day offers high interest career presentations and fieldtrips by over 110 area businesses.
  • Students may be involved in a shadowing experience or may go to work with a parent in conjunction with the Take Your Child To Work Day, sponsored by the Ms. Foundation for Women.
  • The MMS Career Day is the result of the joint efforts of MMS Counseling Office, the MMS PTO and our Community Resource Partners.


Exceeding the National Standards

Mechanicsburg Middle School and the Counseling Office’s goal is to meet and exceed the standards for middle school students as outlined in the… 



Which are designed to educate and help each student… 

  • Prepare to make informed career decisions and be life-long learners
  • Understand the relationship between work and learning
  • Gain knowledge of the skills necessary to seek and obtain jobs
  • Gain knowledge of different occupations and the changing occupational roles of men and women
  • Learn about personal interest, talents and ability and the relationship to making informed career decisions


Why this age group?

  • 10 to 14 year olds experience the most rapid growth physically, emotionally and socially since the first six months after birth. They have questions about who they are, where they will be and what will they accomplish.  The timing is crucial for students to be exposed to as many career options as possible in an effort for them to discover what their dreams and passions are. 
  • Through career interest surveys, the Career Exploration Center, classroom lessons and many other educational experiences, the staff at MMS create the vehicle for adolescents to travel and dream in search of what they would love to become.


Community Partnership


The following represents just a few of the career fields that are offered to students on Career Day in conjunction with local area businesses and partners:

  • Acting
  • Architect
  • Attorney/Lawyer
  • Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine
  • Automotive Industry
  • Banking & Finance
  • Broadcasting
  • Computer/Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Doctor/Pediatrician
  • Dentist/Orthodontist
  • Engineering
  • Food Service
  • Graphic Arts/Photography
  • Nursing
  • Pilot
  • Reporting/Journalism
  • Teacher
  • Veterinarian
  • Writer
  • Zoologist/Biologist


Career day is all about...


Building Futures, One Step at a Time


To dream and have a passion is what gives our lives a sense of purpose. 


To have a great career is to do what you love.


On Career Day, we ask students...

“What are your dreams and how do you see your future?” 



For More Information on Career Day Contact

Mechanicsburg Middle School Counseling Office

717-691-4560 or visit us on the web at


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