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Welcome to Mrs. McGarvey's Class Page

Students and parents, during our time away from school, we will use our Google Classroom and Teacher Web Pages for all communication and activities. Here is the link for Google Classroom where you can log in with your information.  
This week in Science -
Working From Home Opportunities
Week 9, Week of June 1. 2020
Grade 6, Science Activity:
Read over the questions below and choose 3 (or more if you feel so inclined) to answer! Be sure to write the question # with your answer so your teacher, and your fellow classmates know which questions you are responding to. (Or just restate the question in your answer). Please provide honest feedback! Feel free to comment or respond to other students' answers as well!

1. What was your favorite topic/concept we studied this year and why?
2. What was the most challenging topic you learned about this year and why?
3. If you had to choose a career in science, what would it be and why?
4. What was your favorite lab demo or activity?
5. If you could change one thing about the Learning at Home experience what would it be?
Grade 7, Science Activity
6th Grade EXAMPLE:
ANSWER IN Your teacher's Google Classroom.
Grade 8, Science Activity
Assignment -
Ms. Thornton's example -
Your answers go in the Google Doc provided in Ms. Thornton's classwork section of Google Classroom. 
Week 8, Week of May 26, 2020
Grade 6, Science Activity: Storm Research
Google Slides with Mrs. Smith reading :)
Remember to also post your answer in Google Classroom in the Storm Prompt Assignment.
***Check slide # 8 to make sure you finished ALL of this week's work. 
Grade 7, Science Activity: BC Phenomenon Part 1
There is ONE learning opportunity to complete for this week and a related one next week. It is a chance to use what you've learned this year and apply it to a new situation.
Here is the link to an example of what you are being asked to do.
You are allowed to work with 2 other partners. 👩👨🧑
OPEN your assignment in your teacher's Google Classroom.
PLEASE ask for help if you need it!
Grade 8, Science Activity: Phenonemon Part 1
PACING guide:
Here is an example of what you are being asked to do. 
CLICK on the links inside to recall the crosscutting concepts.
Complete your assignment in your teacher's Google Classroom.
PLEASE ask for help if you need it!
Week 7, Week of May 18, 2020
ATTENTION -MMS Science Social Distancing Activity Link -
All entries will be sent to Mr. Petrillo. His emails are either or
The deadline for submissions will be June 1st and winners will be announced June 2nd.
Grade 6 Science Activity: Clouds & Participation 
Google Slides - Choose to listen to Mrs. Smith read each slide.
Slide # 3 is the PACING GUIDE
Check Slide #22 to make sure you are done with this week's work. 
REMEMBER - Go to your teacher's GOOGLE CLASSROOM to Copy and paste your response for the question from the slideshow (slide 17).      Question: Which cloud was your favorite and why? Support your response with details from the videos.
Grade 7 Science Activity: Human Impacts on the Environment
Science Web page
This week's PACING GUIDE:
Escape Room Assignment link:
Grade 8 Science Activity: Energy Transformations
Science Web page - For this week's material and assignments: 
This week's PACING GUIDE:
Escape Room Assignment link: 
Week 6, Week of May 11, 2020
**THERE IS AN OPTIONAL APP TEST where you can WIN a GIFT CARD! Check out your teachers GC.** 
Grade 6 Science Activity: Air Masses and Fronts
Google Slides - Listen to Mrs. Smith read each slide!
Check SLIDES 23 & 24 to make sure you are done.
THERE IS AN OPTIONAL APP TEST where you can WIN a GIFT CARD! Check out your teachers GC. 
Grade 7 Science Activity: Ecosystems
ECOSYSTEMS Website link:

Two total tasks to be turned in this week:

1) Google Form Escape Room

2) Food Webs and Energy Flow slides for your Biome.

Grade 8 Science Activity: Kinetic & Potential Energy

Task 1 - Click on the Kinetic and Potential Energy heading above at the top of the page. Do any or all of the following to gain an understanding of this week's subject matter. 1. Read the Google Slide Presentation of Energy. 2. Read the online book pages in the digital textbook. 3. Watch the videos.

Task 2 - Turn in the Google Doc Learning Opportunity entitled "Energy- Week 6 Learning Opportunity". This will be found in Google Classroom. Like last week, if you work with someone, please put all names at the top and let me know in the comments.

Task 3 - You get to ride a roller coaster!!! (no...not really). You will watch a video as if you were on a roller coaster and then answer some questions about Kinetic and Potential Energy. This will be submitted as a an answer to a posted Google Question. Here is the document with the directions, BUT YOU NEED TO TURN IN AN ANSWER TO A GOOGLE QUESTION TO HAVE COMPLETED THIS LEARNING OPPORTUNITY.

Task 4 - (Optional) Test yourself with the self-check about Kinetic and Potential Energy by answering these 10 multiple choice questions. Link to here.

Week 5, Week of May 4, 2020:
Grade 6 Science Activity: Air MOVEMENT
Google Slide Link Featuring Dr. Awesome!
Hint: Look for the pacing guide on slide 3 to help you plan.
Please copy/paste either ONE of your observations or ONE of your questions from the phenomenon slide (slide # 9) from Week 5: Air Movement On Earth". Be sure to return by the end of the week to check for any comments or feedback on your response, and to comment on at least one other student's response!
Hint: Check slide 28 to make sure you completed all the parts!
Grade 7 Science Activity: Diversity of Life - Biomes
Link to the pacing guide to help you plan. 
This week's assignment -

You will be making a copy of a Google Slides template and filling in information about a biome you choose from the list of biomes in the resources. YOU MAY MAKE THIS PROJECT SOCIAL IF YOU CHOOSE BY SHARING YOUR DOCUMENT WITH UP TO TWO OTHER STUDENTS (so no more than 3 people in a group).


A sample project is shown for the Chaparral Biome - you MAY NOT choose this biome, but don't worry, there are many more to choose from!

This project is designed to take you no more than 2.5 hours. 


REMEMBER EACH PERSON in the group must turn it a copy in your science teacher's Google Classroom. 
Access to the whole Diversity LIfe Website if you want to refer to it -
Grade 8 Science Activity: FORCES
Link to this week's Pacing Guide -
Link to this week's, material and assignments is posted on the following website:
Week 4, Week of April 27, 2020: 
Grade 6 Science Activity: AIR PRESSURE
Like last week, you will have things you need to do on the actual slide show, so make sure you turn in the slide show once you are finished.

Description of assignment turn in locations:
#1 Phenomenon discussion- Discussion prompt post on Google Classroom
#2 Drag and Drop- Complete on the slide (slide 22)
#3 Google Form- Complete the Google Form and submit it (on the Google Form this will be an option and requires no extra step with classrooms)
Make sure you are turning in your phenomenon post and the entire slide show when completed. Good luck and have fun!
Link to Google Slide Show!
Grade 7 Science Activity: DIVERSITY OF LIFE - PLANTS & ANIMALS
Link to the Diversity of Life Web Page
(When you open the link, CLICK on "more" to the far right to locate the plant and animal information.)
Complete the Google Docs Forms on your teacher's GC page - one for animals and one for plants. 
Complete one of the two summary questions in "Week 2 Summary Questions" on the webpage. Also, read a peer's response and comment too. 
Pacing Guide:
Grade 8 Science Activity: FORCES
A Message from Ms. Thornton, "Please start this week's work by going to this site and reading about what your learning opportunities are for this week. For live instructions (me explaining what to do) please click here. Spoiler alert: I don't look particularly excited in this video lol."
Link to the Website:
Ms. Thornton shared a video. One of this week's activities is to watch a google slides presentation. I have made a video of myself presenting this (like I would in class). The presentation is long and the video program I use has a 15 minute limit. Therefore, there are 2 links - part 1 and part 2.
The presentation has several video clips that are important for you to view. When you view my videos of the presentation- please have your own version open so you can click on those links when needed.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Pacing Guide:

Due by Friday

  1. Worksheet found in Google Classroom
  2. Two concepts from the movie clip with a minimum of a two sentence description of each- posted in google classroom.
  3. Add a science concept to another person’s Google Question submission as a response.
  4. Optional Quiz
Week 3, Week of April 20, 2020:
Grade 6 Science Activity: LAYERS OF THE ATMOSPHERE
On Google Slide #2, the Pacing Guide, Mrs. Smith reads each day's chunked part to help you understand what to do.
Note: When you get to the escape room- Please make sure to enter your school email address, and submit the form when you finish it! Otherwise the teacher won't get the form back to know that you actually completed it.
Grade 7 Science Activity:  DIVERSITY OF LIFE
Your 7th grade science teachers have built a website that holds all of the information for the Unit, but we will be working through it piece by piece. We have chunked activities into manageable pieces to allow you to work at your own pace each week.  You can access the Google Forms for each section you need to complete on your teacher's Google Classroom Page. 
Grade 8 Science Activity: FORCES
For the following weeks, material and assignments will be posted on the following website:
Ms. Thornton explaining this week's learning.
Ms. Thornton presenting the Google Slide Presentation LIVE: 
8th Grade PACING Guide:
Week of April 13, 2020:
Here is a link to the Google Slides for Week 2's learning opportunity: 
Grade 6 -
Mr. Kirkpatrick, a 6th grade science teacher, explaining the learning opportunitiy. He goes through each slide and shows how to do it. 
Pacing Guide:

Due by Friday

  1. REQUIRED: Your answer to one of the 4 possible questions (slides 19-22) based upon the Crosscutting Concepts Presentation posted in Google Classroom
2.  OPTIONAL - Respond to a person’s answer that they posted in Google Classroom using guidelines
Grade 7
Pacing Guide:

Due by Friday

  1. Your answer to one of the 4 possible questions based upon the Crosscutting Concepts Presentation posted in Google Classroom.
  2. Your thoughtful response to a person’s answer that they posted in Google Classroom.
Grade 8
Ms. Thornton, an 8th grade science teacher, explaining the learning opportunity for week 2 and taking you through the directions. (I needed to click on the video 2 different times for it to work.)
Pacing Guide: 

Please complete no later than Friday by midnight

  1.   Crosscutting Concepts LAHO 2.
  2.   Your LAHO 2 response posted in the Google   Classroom Class Response section.
  3.   Your evidence-based response to another person’s answer that they posted in Google Classroom.
Sentence starter examples to respond to another person's response -
“Debby” said that _______.
His/her response shows…
His/her data shows…
His/her observation shows...
Week of April 6, 2020:
Grades 6, 7 and 8 are all enjoying a similar assignment to get us started with working from home. 
Crosscutting Concepts are concepts that are commonly found in all studies of science...understanding them helps us to make connections, see patterns, determine causes and effects, and study science at different scales from small to large.

These concepts are: Patterns, Cause and Effect, Scale, Proportion and Quantity, Systems and System Models, Energy and Matter, Structure and Function, and Stability and Change.

In Week 1 we will be looking at the first three Crosscutting Concepts as they relate to your Middle School science career.

Step 1: Read and review the Google Slides Presentation “Crosscutting Concepts - Part 1.

Step 2: Read Questions for Crosscutting Concepts 1 - 3. Answer ONE of the questions according to the directions. (Refer back to the Google Slides Presentation as needed.) This will be posted as a separate question on google classroom. Please look for the directions on what is expected there.

Step 3. Read the answers that others have posted and post a thoughtful response to one of their posts.
Pacing Guide:
Here is a link you can use to access Mrs. Smith, one of our 6th grade science teachers, reading and talking you through the power point. 
Here is a link you can use to access Ms. Thornton, one of our 8th grade science teachers, talking you through the assignment directions.
Keep Your Assignments Organized!
Below is a link to create an agenda or planner page for yourself to stay organized. You can print one out or maintain one online for yourself each week;
((Once you have opened the document, click “file” then “make a copy” and you can edit it! )
Office Hours: 
  • Daily 10 AM to 11 AM Zoom Room will be open for questions about assignments or a quick check-in!
  • Daily from 10:30 AM to 12 noon you can reach me by email at
  • Remember you can email me anytime, but you might get a quicker response during office hours :)
  • If you require technical assistance, please call 717-585-0437, Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM.

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