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Welcome to the Crusaders Team!
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We look forward to a great 7th grade year!
Mrs. Miller, Social Studies
Mr. Petrillo, Science
MMS Encore Teachers
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Welcome to 7th grade and the 2023-24 school year!  We look forward to working together to help your child be successful at Mechanicsburg Middle School. 


The following rules and guidelines have been set by team teachers to help our students be successful at MMS. These rules and guidelines are in conjunction with the policies set forth by the Mechanicsburg Middle School and the Mechanicsburg Area School District.


Team teachers are dedicated to making sure that students have a productive and safe learning environment.  As 7th grade students, you will help us maintain this type of learning environment by following these expectations. 

7th Grade Expectations


-Be on time for all classes.

-Come to class prepared with your agenda and necessary materials.
Having the agenda book daily in each class is highly suggested for students to efficiently manage their time and write down due dates.
-Respect others’ belongings, ideas, and the right of all of us to study and learn.
-Give your best effort to complete all in-class and homework assignments.

Well-Managed Classroom

Team teachers work together, and believe in doing the right thing. Students may receive a disciplinary referral for infractions of classroom rules, behavior that violates the rights of other students to learn, or behavior that violates the rights of a teacher to teach. The team uses the “Ask, Tell, Out” strategy to give students time to redirect negative behaviors before receiving a consequence.


Restroom Use and Passes

Trips to the water fountain or locker should occur between classes, not during class time. Restroom use is not permitted between classes. Students must follow the MMS school procedures with E-Hall Pass so that students are accounted for at all times during the day.


Period 9 and WIN (What I Need)

  • After visiting your locker to obtain all necessary materials, go to your WIN period quietly and find your seat.
  • If you need to see a teacher, use E-Hallpass.
  • Fast Pass the following: restroom, drink, locker, hallway core teacher.
  • Work silently and independently on your assignments.
  • All study halls are silent unless given permission to work together with whisper voices.
  • Work on constructive activities only.
  • Use this time to get your work done or relax with a book.

Tardy Policy

Students need to report to class on time. To address students that are tardy to class, the 7th grade teachers have adopted the following policy:


-Upon accumulating 3 tardies to class, the student will be assigned an after school detention.
-Each additional tardy will result in additional detention being assigned. Habitual tardies to class will not be tolerated and will result in a disciplinary referral to the administration.


Late Work Policy


All work is due on the assigned due date. Late assignments will be accepted after the due date up through five school days past the assigned due date with a loss of 20% of the grade each day the assignment is late. After five school days, assignments may no longer be submitted for credit.


Larger assignments (such as Performance Tasks or tests) may be turned in for up to 50% credit up through two weeks prior to the end of the marking period based on teacher discretion.



Academic Standing


Attending school assemblies, pep rallies, team rewards, and field trips is a privilege, not a right. Teachers may restrict students from attending these functions if they are not meeting academic standards.


-Students may be pulled from assemblies, pep rallies, or team rewards if they are failing more than one core subject, or have missing work that can be made up during this time.


-Students may not be permitted to attend  team-specific activities if they are failing 2 or more core classes, have earned 3 or more days of In-School Suspension, or have been suspended out-of-school for any time.



Thank you for reviewing the 7th Grade Policies.  We look forward to another great year with our students at MMS!