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Health & Physical Education 
Mr. Keener (room 62 & gymnasium)
Health Content:
Health and wellness includes a variety of dimesions. In fact, there are eight dimensions that contribute to an indivudal's overall well-being. Each of these dimensions is impacted by the others as they work in unison to impact our health. In this class students will discover how to navigate health resources, understand each dimension of wellness and of course learn a ton of interesting things about health and wellness. 
Physcial Education: 
Our goal is to provide students with a vareity of opportunities for activity. Our curriculum is student centered focusing on student choice and lifetime activity-based fitness. Students have opportunities to do everything from riding a bike to playing backyards games such as Kan-jam. This is an exciting program that students enjoy being a part of. Our goal is to teach, encourage, and come alongside our student's fitness journey. 
If help is needed throughout the school year please reference the appropriate Google Classroom. These are available through the links on your right. 
Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]