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Grades in Sapphire are the grades reflected on the report card.  Please do not rely on google classroom for grades.  
Sapphire codes
  • "0" (zero) symbolizes a grade for an assignment that was not turned in.  I usually show some grace of a day or 2 for 2 point assignments and accept them late. Larger assignments I will accept usually up to a week past due date.  
  • "i" symbolizes an assignment that is "incomplete" usually due to an absence.  This grade will calculate as a zero for points until the assignment is turned in.  School district policy students have 2 days to turn in late work from an absence. 
  • "ex" stands fo excused and is an activity that a student may have missed and can not be made up due to the nature of the activty. This will not penalize their grade percentage in any form. 
  • "+" is a symbol I believe you see in sapphire for assignments that have been given but not graded.  These also do not penalize the percentage in anyway.  I do not actually see this symbol, but students have shared with me this is what they see.      
Tests, quizzes, and projects like a performance task I usually grade in a week or so after the collection of them from all my classes.   



Mr. Bonora Crusader Math Teacher

Hello Everyone,                                                                           9/7/21
     My name is Mr. Bonora and I look forward to working with my students/ your children this year.  This is the start of my ninth year in the district as a middle school math tacher.   
     I have already shared with your children a syllabus that includes expectations and some helpful resources for being succesful.  Using google classroom and checking sapphire regularly are valuable tools for staying on top of the work load.  I encourage the students to show their parents/ guardians their google classrooms.  I also use the REMIND app which is helpful with weather events and if I need to change an assignment after it has alsready been handed out.       
     I had a great first few days getting to know the students and look forward to getting to know all of them even more.  Thank you for your time and all you are doing as parents and students in this ever changing time.  
Mr. Bonora
prefered e-mail for day to day concerns: