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Greetings, Adventurers!

Welcome 6th Grade Wildcat Families!
I hope your summer has been enjoyable with many memorable experiences.
Before teachers and staff return to the building, I wanted to post my WELCOME LETTER that will be distributed to each of my Social Studies students the first week of school. It will also be available to parents and/or guardians to grab a copy during the August 18th Student/Parent Visitation at the Middle School. (Reminder that the building will not be open to students the week of August 22nd when teachers and staff fully return.)
The one thing to keep in mind is that there are three academic teams in sixth grade. I am the Social Studies teacher for the Adventurers Team so using the student's schedule you would find my name and room number (122) to help indicate the team.  The other teams include the Explorers and the Ambassadors so each team has their own Social Studies teacher to meet the needs of students on the team (s)he teaches.
Lastly, when asked what to expect the first day of school, I can openly tell you I am unsure as to how to answer the question because I have yet to get all of the details I would need.  The one thing I do know is that the primary school supplies needed for my Social Studies students will be made available and distributed to students the first week of school.  I do not believe any of the class materials I ask students to possess will need to be purchased by parents and/or guardians.  Once these supplies that are distributed are depleted (or lost/misplaced), then it is my understanding that students would be responsible to procure the materials to replace them.
Enjoy the remaining days of the break (although I like to remind people that summer extends into late September so there's still an opportunity to have more summer fun).
Yours In Education,
Mr. Donald (Don) Stanton
M.M.S. Room 122
Adventurers Team
POSTED 2022: August 19th @ 10:50am.