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Greetings 2020 Sixth Graders

Welcome Wildcats!
I hope you have had a safe and enjoyable summer (all things considered). I figured as our staff at the middle school makes last minute preparations for the 2020-21 school year I would use the opportunity to share some perspectives in regards to opening day expectations with a short video.
(UPDATED 9/7/2020): In regards to remote learning for the opening day(s) of school among students, those who are identified as "B" Day students will attend instruction in the building on Wednesday, September 9th. However, what you need to address remotely is now available and can be worked on by clicking on the tab for ACCESSING GOOGLE CLASSROOM to the right of the webpage. Once in Google Classroom, students will be able to identify the tasks and complete them by the posted due date. It will also assist with daily attendance expectations of students and for teachers.
Students identified as "A" Day students will attend instruction in the building on Tuesday, September 8th at which time the Google Classroom code will be shared for the remote learning day to follow on Wednesday. 
(UPDATED 9/3/2020): For parents and students attempting to prepare for the first day(s) of school on September 8th or 9th, the class materials for Social Studies to be carried in a backpack throughout the day include: a section in a 3-ring binder for handouts specific to this class, a collection of writing instruments (pencils, blue or black ink pen, and a highlighter), and a pack of colored pencils (eight-pack is sufficient). Additional items to be addressed during the week at school would be: M.M.S. agenda book and M.M.S laptop (with student provided earbuds/headphones). Eventually, students willl add a book or magazine for leisurely reading that they will carry to class.
I realize this may all be a bit overwhelming as students will likely receive instructions from at least 8 teachers during the first week of school. I will be happy to provide students and parents with "Patience and Understanding," hoping the same will be afforded to the M.M.S staff as we all figure out the hybrid model of learning in place to start the school year.
Lastly, if you are curious about the class location and/or teams, I will teach Adventurers in their hallway (pds. 1, 2, 7, and 8). I will also teach Ambassadors in their hallway (pd. 3). I respect the teaming philosophy used in middle schools, but you all are MY students and you will have the same learning experience regardless of team. I am entering my 21st year teaching in a middle school environment. I have taught all three grades and I have taught across teams so I am not being asked to try something I have not done before. My greatest challenge will be my ability to accurately remember the different team policies in place to ensure student success ... that, and remembering the names of the 7th graders who I did not get the chance to bid a formal farewell to back in June.
Yours In Education,
Mr. Donald (Don) Stanton
M.M.S. Room 122 (Adventurers)
M.M.S. Room 243 (Ambassadors)
POSTED: August 27th @ 7:40am.
UPDATED: August 28th @ 1:10pm, September 3rd @8:00am, September 4th @10:00am, September 7th @2:30pm.