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Welcome to the Adventurers Team!
Keepin' Up with the Adventurers
Please click link below to follow the Adventurers Team Twitter account:
In addition to the teams Twitter account, teachers listed below will be employing various methods as part of their instructional program/curriculum.  Please consider following, connecting, or signing up to stay connected not only with teachers but with other MMS happenings.  
  • Mr. Smith, Math, is also incorporating Remind
  • Mrs. Smith, Science, is on Twitter: @MMSATeamScience
  • Mr. Stanton, Social Studies, is also "tweeting": @MMS6ATeamS
  • The Paw Print, School Newsletter, is available using Twitter: @MMSThePawPrint
  • MMS Principals, Administrative Team, can be followed on Twitter: @MMS_principals
Friendly reminder for students, parents, guardians, and even students...
Clipart Showing Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms
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