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Welcome to the Explorers Team
Explorers Team
Our Team Mission Statement:
Sixth grade is a time of great transition for students: a new building, new classmates, new routines and higher expectations.  The Explorers believe every child has the ability to succeed, and we value the opportunity to partner with students as they work to achieve their very best both socially and academically.  
As a team of collaborative teachers we promise to: 
  • reflect and refine our instruction to include new strategies and best practices, 
  • seek creative ways to manage the classroom and promote a positive classroom environment, 
  • regularly assess student progress in order to meet the district's academic goals, and
  • build positive relationships with students by responding to the unique needs of middle-level learners
Explorers Teachers:

Mrs. Zeger - Reading
Ms. Hoffman - Reading
Mrs. Cavada - Reading
Mrs. Cheam-Reading
Mr. Morret - Math
Mr. Shotts - Science
Mrs. Bennett, English
Mrs. Fesler - Learning Support English and Math
Mrs. Rosensteel - Social Studies
Mrs. Harker - Math Intervention
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The agenda book is the most accurate location for determining nightly homework.
 What Do You Need for 6th Grade? 
  1. A Binder with Dividers/Folders - It is really important you have a binder with dividers/folders so you can keep all of your worksheets and materials for each one of your classes in an organized and safe place.  
  2. A Least Two Pencils and Erasers - You always want to have something to write with and a back up.
  3. A Highlighter - This is a useful tool you will use often in classes.  
  4. A Pencil Pouch - You want a safe place to keep all of your pencils, pens, one place inside your binder.  
  5. Notebook Paper - Make sure you have either a notebook with lined paper or loose-leaf paper that you can use to take notes in class. 
  6. SSR Book - Be sure to have a book you enjoy reading for times you finish your work early or during our RIP (Reading in Place) time.  
  7. Agenda - You will get your agenda on the first day of school.  Be sure to bring it to every class, every day - and be sure to use it!
  8. A Big Smile and an A+ Attitude - Because we are all excited to be in middle school and want to give our best!
Please note that some assemblies, movies, and pep rallies are rewards for the students at Mechanicsburg Middle School.  Explorer teachers may have students not attend these events if they owe missing work or their behavior doesn't warrant a reward.  This would be on an individual student by student basis.  
 Procedures for Successful 6th Graders:
Behavior: 3 MMS rules will be consistently enforced across the 6th grade
  1. Do Your Best
  2. Do The Right Thing
  3. Treat Others Well
Students who choose not to follow these rules will be warned twice.  The next infraction will result in a consequence either from the team or administration.  Students will be instructed in the behavioral expectations during the first cycle of the school year.  This will include instruction on appropriate behavior; in the classroom, hallways, dismissal from class, and restroom usage.  
AM Homeroom is not a time to complete homework.  Work should be near, complete with quality and directions should be followed. This includes correct writing mechanics, correct grammar, and spelling is expected across the curriculum.  
  • Students may be asked to redo assignments that are not done to MMS standards.
  • All work should be turned in on time. 
  • Neatness is an expectation.
School policy applies for those students who have been absent.  All families must honor the school policy regarding educational trips.