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8th Grade Voyagers Team Page



Overview of Team Page:

On our team’s website below will provide contact information for Voyager teachers and your son/daughter's math teacher. You will be able to go directly to your son/daughter's teacher's site from the links provided. We will also provide online resources and tips for parents and students. The site will also include any important dates and info your child needs to know through out the school year.

 Teacher Contacts and Links:

Teacher/Subject Email Contacts Link to Teacher Site
Greg Burrows-American Studies [email protected] or [email protected]
Abby Thornton-Science [email protected] or [email protected]
Diana Salas-English [email protected] or [email protected]

Google Classroom Site

Emily Shrader-Math [email protected] or [email protected]
Katie Law-Math [email protected] or [email protected]

Google Classroom Site

9th Grade Scheduling PowerPoint Link:


Voyager Team Updates:

Please click on the team letter to give you a general overview of our team and our team's rules and procedures.

Voyager Team Open of School Letter

Online Resources:

District's Online Resource Help Page for Students and Parents:

Google Classroom Tips created by the District:

Google Classroom-How to create To Do List in Calendar:

Google Classroom for Parents: Watch this video for a tutorial on Google Classroom for Parents:

Google Classroom for Students:  Watch this video for a tutorial on Google Classroom for Students:

Email Etiquette:  Please review the etiquette video of how to properly email your teachers.

Cats Code:  This is an overview of the middle school's new behavior/social expectations: Cats Code

Resources for Language Translations:

Talking Points-

  • Texting website/app that translates information to assist in communicating and building relationships with families
  • Translates into over 20 languages including Spanish, Somali, Arabic, Urdu, Korean
  • Can be used as web-based or a mobile app
  • Can send group or individual messages (group messages do not allow “reply all”
  • Translated welcome letter (similar to SeeSaw) asks for information and gives a brief overview. Teacher then sends the download link, via text message.
Language Line-

Language Line is a phone based service used to communicate with parents in their native language.  The service provides hundreds of language options. 

Language Line can be used from any phone (home, school, cell, etc…)

How it works - Language Line is a three way call involving you, an interpreter, and the parent.

It is very easy to use and the parents are so happy to hear from you!

What to do:

*Before you call Language Line, know the student’s phone number, the parent’s name, and the language they speak.

  1. Dial 1-800-367-9559
  2. Enter Client ID: 507060
  3. Press 1 for Spanish. Press 2 for all other languages – speak the name of the language
  4. Enter the Access Code: #### (the last 4 digits of the school you are calling from—4560 for MMS)
  5. Brief the interpreter – Tell them who you are, who you are calling, and summarize what you wish to accomplish.
  6. Tell the interpreter you need them to dial the number and place the call to the parent OR let them know the client is with you.
  7. When communicating with the interpreter, don’t give them too much information all at once. You want the interpreter to have time to translate the info to the parent.  The parent will then respond to the interpreter in their native language and the interpreter will then translate what the parent said to you in English.
  8. When finished, tell the interpreter you would like to end the call.

Optional Text-to-Speech Extensions

Here are two videos that explain how to add OPTIONAL text-to-speech extensions to your computer.

These extensions allow text to be read aloud to your child if needed/preferred. – How to install video – how to add the extensions. Natural Reader is the best of the options. – how to use the different extensions.